The fact is that each and every damn gym class circa 5th grade must have played this game called kickball at some point or the other! And there is one more reality: There is no other kid in this gym class who have not refused to give the ball a real kick and instead half stepped up to the ball and bunted! The bunt was nothing but really a tap with the side of the foot. And as far as the ball is concerned, it would putter away from home plate by generally around five to six feet.

That's quite amazing!But it has been noticed that a majority of kickball games didn't have catchers and some of them had inept ones at that. But the if you want to go for the “bunt” then let me tell you that it is a nice strategy for one who wished to get an “automatic” hit.

One more reality has come into focus. It has been noticed that a lot of circles think the bunter as a real fool, or an idiot. Why they think so? It is because that the circles think that a bunter is the one who thinks he is really fast and doesn't care about self denigration just because he is standing in front of various sexy girls by looking like a wimp ass and refusing to really kick the ball.

They think that a bunter generally becomes a failure in life. Just because he works at Sunoco during high school and when the timings get over, he works day and night to support his living. Some times he become a mart manager and sometimes he works on a night shift and becomes a part time security guard. He is nothing but a big Satan who has no motto in life.