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National Kickball Association Rules
Jennifer McVey

By Jennifer McVey
Published on February 12, 2009
Here are the official rules of National Kickball Association.

Here are the official rules of National Kickball Association.
  • Helping you get lucky rule: All teams are required two members of the opposite sex on the field at all times. If a team does not have 2 members of the opposite sex playing, 2 members of the primary sex must sit out per absent member of the opposite sex.
  • No more than 9 players on the field; you must field a catcher at all times
  • The kicker (or Mohafa) is allowed to request speed and texture of roll
  • Kicking lineup=9 or more; you don’t have to play the field to kick
  • A kicking lineup must be submitted to the umpire before the start of each game.
  • Due to no numbered uniforms this is partially based on the honor system. If the umpire deems your team kicked out of order then the kicker is out and any base runners must return to their past base.
  • Ground rule double is honored
  • Ghost runners are not honored
  • No leading off the bases
  • When kicking you must not kick the ball before it reaches home plate
  • No bunts (ball must be able to reach mound)
  • Throwing ball at runner is permitted
  • outs per inning
  • fouls is an out
  • Mound is out
  • Only for the runner advancing to first base.
  • Also, on a caught ball you may throw to the mound for a double play if the base. If there is more than one base runner then going to the mound will only force out the lead runner but you may also go to the previous base of a non-lead runner to force them out.
  • On a caught ball if a base runner has advanced past their next base then when returning to their original base they must retouch the base they just advanced past in order to not be forced out.
  • innings per game
  • 10 run rule limit per inning
  • 12 run limit at the end of 3rd inning to win the game
  • The “Kirk Clause”-if the game is tied at the end of regulation 2 players will be removed from defense every inning thereafter (this is an own team decision)
  • If ump is sober enough to know the infield fly rule he can call it
  • Championship will be the undefeated team coming from the winners bracket versus the champion, one-loss team coming from the losers bracket.
  • If the one-loss team from the losers bracket defeats the team from the winners bracket then there will be a second game to determine the champion. The undefeated team is only required to defeat the one-loss team once in order to be crowned champion.
  • The Championship game(s) will be 5 innings
  • Ump’s decision is final
  • No disputes over the call of the game after the players have left the field
  • A team forfeits their game if they are not present within 15 minutes of their start time
  • All teams must register through the NKA website by: Sunday, April 20
  • Must have two members of the opposite sex on your team by registration: get to work playerz
  • According to the NKA1 rulebook - section 13, article 27c, clause 187, there are no rainouts. We play in all conditions except sober.
  • Absolutely NO DOGS, NO COOLERS or any OUTSIDE FOOD and DRINK. Don't worry fatasses and drunks they will be selling good food and enough liquor to kill Tara Reid.
  • Drinking is encouraged at this event for it will impair motor skills and provide ample excuses for lack of ability.