Kickball is a playground game that also comes under the category of a competitive league game as well. It just like the game of baseball, invented in the United States circa 1942. According to American World War II correspondent Ernie Pyle, this game was played by U.S. soldiers when the Tunisia Campaign was going on during 1942. The campaign went for almost one year!

As far as the equipments that are used in the game are concerned, kickball is a game that is usually played on a softball diamond with a 10- to 16-inch (250- to 400-mm) inflated rubber ball. As in baseball/softball, the game uses 3 bases and a "home plate.”

Here are some of the rules that are implemented in the game of baseball/softball rules. The one who pitches the ball is known as the pitcher. He rolls the ball towards the catcher, the "batter" kicks it with his/her foot, then he immediately runs to first base, so that he becomes a runner.

And here I am going to tell you some conditions that when not followed by the runner, then he will be considered out!
  • The ball is caught on the fly from the kick, but it has not hit the ground first, then the batter is out (this is known as a fly out).
  • As far as “fly out” is concerned, any runner already on base who makes any kind of attempt to advance further, before the ball is caught may themselves be counted out, in case if the ball is returned to the base they were on before the ball was kicked.
  • Let me talk something about the defensive player. If he with the ball touches the base ahead of a runner who is forced to go to that base, just due to the fact that an advancing runner is behind him (a force out).
  • A defensive player touches the runner directly with the ball and above all when he himself is holding it (that is known as tag out).
  • But there are certain variations that are seen in this game as well. A defensive player may throw the ball and hit the runner on the fly with it (it is known as "Indian Rubber").