The Barcelona football stadium is the 3rd largest football stadium if we look at the list of largest stadiums all over the world! The other two largest stadiums are the ones that are located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Mexico City. Barcelona camp nou is geared up with a capacity for110,000 soccer fanatics. Isn't it amazing?

And the fact is that on every match practically every seat is taken -such is the passion for football shared by the Catalan people. That's what we call madness. And if you want to witness this kind of madness, then it is recommended that you must once in your lifetime just come and witness the amazing madness of this place! You will be bowled out! Let me tell you a very famous incident that is mentioned at a lot of Internet sites as well as books.

I just want to share it with you. It was when Kubula arrived, the old Les Corts stadium proved to be too small and that is why it became a necessity to find a new site. And this necessity gave the idea of having a new stadium! And as a result, it was opened on 24th September in the year 1957. in the beginning it was seen that there were difficult moments for the Camp Nou, but in the end all went smoothly!

If we will have a look at the history, then we will find out that the Old Football Ground had been founded back in the year 1922 and after doing immense amount of extensions, the stadium finally managed to hold 60,000 spectators. And after this, it got almost impossible to extend it further. So, on September 19, 1950, FC Barcelonas Board of Directors, presided by Agustí Montal Galobart, purchased a plot of land next to the Maternitat, that was situated fairly close to the site of the old Les Corts ground. So that helped a lot!

The stadium has been the home of FC Barcelona since the time it was constructed in the year 1957. the truth is that it is a UEFA 5-star rated stadium. Can you believe that! So if you really love luxury as well as fun, then this place is surely for you! The fact is that this stadium is so popular that it has hosted numerous international matches at senior level, and UEFA Champions League finals, the most recent being in the year 1999.