Club America Soccer stadium that is called as Azteca in general terms is considered by Club America, as their own home ground because this is the same place where they play all their home games.
As far as the history of Mexico is concerned, the fact is that Club America is one of the legendary teams and every soccer team has their own favorite playing field which they prefer calling it as their called home ground.

Now let us talk something about the Aztec Stadium or what we call Azteca. This stadium was planned by the world renowned architect in the name of Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, who was a native of Mexico. And the association of this famous architect with the stadium makes it more popular all over the world.

The sports ground was launched on the 29th May 1966 and the first ever match was played between between Club America and Torino F.C. wherein the two teams tied in the score of 2-2.

It has the honor of being the home home ground of America, but at the same time the stadium also holds the record as the one and only pitch that has been able to host not only one World Cup finals but two, and it is one of the biggest records of this stadium ever!

Now let us talk about those players that have the honor of making this stadium a remarkable one in the history of football! The record goal was made by Arlindo Dos Santos. That was truly a remarkable achievement in itself! At the same time this goal was the first goal ever made on that stadium during Club America and Torino F.C.'s match. It was the same inauguration match that was attended by a record 107,4943 viewers.

You want to go inside more details. Okay let me tell you something about the inaugural kick. It was actually made by the Mexican President itself Gustavo Diaz Ordaz and it was witnessed by FIFA President Sir Stanley Rous.