Have you ever seen a match live in stadiums? Yes! Then you must be aware of the amazing experience that one gets after watching a live match, his favorite players and the electrifying ambiance! The fact is that watching a live game in soccer stadiums is really a different feeling than watching it on any other source! You must be aware of the reality as to how the crowd behaves in an unusual way (that we normally don't witness while watching the event on a television).

All in all, the crowd is very intense and it adds up excitement and thrill.with their amazing painted faces, with their ears roaring sounds and cheers, and their unique style of boosting the whole stadium with their noise, they create a unique environment! And if being one of the biggest soccer fans, you haven't still experienced a live match, then you should visit one of these biggest soccer stadiums in the world.

The Rungrado May First Stadium

Hey all you sports fanatics out there. Are you aware of the fact that it is known to be the largest stadium capacity of the world. You don't believe me? Then know this fact that it has a seat 150,000. Structured in Pyongyang, North Korea, and was completed on May 1, in the year 1989. this stadium is immensely popular and being a sports and soccer freak I am sure that you are aware of all these facts. If not, then I have given you the right information. Right? This is one of Pyongyang's prides. It was in the year 2002 when World Cup Korea was chosen as one of the host country and it was held in the stadium.

Salt Lake Stadium

This stadium is the second largest in the world and is located in India. It was built in the year 1984 and seats 120,000. The stadium is based in Salt Lake City, Kolkata India. This stadium is famous for holding the home games of India.

The Estadio Azteca

It is the largest stadium in Mexico and is geared up with a capacity of 114,465 for all the football fanatics. Mexican is very proud because it is the only stadium that has the honor of hosting the World Cup twice, in 1970 and 1986. great!

Nou Camp

Last but not the least, Nou Camp is the largest soccer stadiums in Europe which was built in the year 1957 and is geared up with a seating capacity of 120,000.