The fact is that in this hectic as well as tedious world, where our life is filled with all kinds of hustle and bustle, a person may find it irritating to take time for exercise! And above all, a lot of people just simply hate this word called “exercise.” That is why I would like to tell you some of the most enjoyable forms of exercises that you can do, and that too with your loved ones:

1. Tennis or even go with the option of Paddleball.

Personally I simply love this game called Tennis. Also you can try this game called paddleball. Both these games are immensely popular these days and that is why they can be played all year round no matter what the season is. You can find courts that are open to the public for free. And you don't have to gather much equipments for this game as well. When looking for a racket, make sure to find one that has the proper balance and weight that you like. And here you are: Just stay fit and lose weight!

2. Proform Ab Coremaster.

If you want fun, then this one is perfect for you! If you will surf the market then you will find that there are all kinds of fitness products out there today that are designed to work your abdominal area. But not all of them work. The Coremaster exercises are challenging, and effective as well.

3. Bike Riding.

See, I am not that harsh as your fitness instructor is! I am asking you to ride your bike so that you can remain fit. That's it! Bike riding will give you a good cardio workout, so go for it! But make sure that you do this on a regular level. Riding a bike once will never allow you to get fit in a day. It will take time!

4. Tae Bo.

Billy Blanks Tae Bo if combined in a perfect manner with martial arts and boxing techniques is a perfect way for an intense fat burning workout. You can also search other websites and have a look at various videos in order to know the right techniques of the exercise! And the most important thing is that you will get motivated as well. Great for women, men and even kids.

5. Dancing.

Dance to your own tunes. I mean just put up a nice music (I always prefer Latin music) and just dance dance and dance! You can also gather your near and dear ones and make sure that your friends are around and just dance non-stop!