Tell me have you ever wondered how football (that is also termed as soccer) would look like without offside? No? Then it is recommended that you must go and watch the spectacular Gaelic games Hurling and Gaelic Football that came into existence just when football takes its time out: in the European summer. Now I hope you are getting somewhat familiar to the concept!

The fact is that both these sports are played in clubs, the highlight is the yearly All Ireland Championships for the 33 county selections. Ireland is divided in 4 provinces Connacht, Leinster, Munster, and Ulster. Further these are divided again in a lot of countries. These are Connacht 6, Leinster 12 (incl. Dublin), Munster 6, Ulster 9 but are divided in an unequal manner.

Now here are some of the additional information that is linked with it. First the provinces determine their champions, then those are responsible for playing off the All Ireland Championship. The rivalries of the countries hold their relevance with the journey into the past for football fans, as passion more than anything other factor characterizes the games. It has been said that both these sports are very old, the championships in today's form more than 100 years. Can you imagine?

But still they are some of the most popular sports all over the planet! But the sports are geared up with some political element as well. A contraposition against the English culture, here Rugby and Football (Ireland was earlier captured by England and became independent in the year 1922 itself). But it was in the year 1920, when a strange tragedy occurred! It was during the time when English soldiers in revenge for an assault by Irish nationalists fired into the crowd of a Football game and were responsible for killing thousands of fans. This tragedy is known as the 'bloody Sunday'. It has been believed that the two major sports indigenous to Ireland are Gaelic football and hurling. Let us discuss some thing about the games now. Both these games 15-a-side field games played on a pitch 40% longer than a soccer field. The sports are highly popular in the country and have by far the highest participation rates in sports in the country. One must high level of fitness and aerobics fitness in the busy to participate in these games.