So you are here because you want to have some kind of knowledge on fencing gears. Well the fact is that since the first time when the sport came into existence, it saw a lot of changes. The sport became became an Olympic sport in the year 1896, when the international competition added an event for the foil. Let me tell you something about the foil. It is one of the most common weapon that is used in fencing competitions as well as the classes that are used to train the beginners in this sport. This sword is just like a training tool that gentlemen used in the 1700s, in order to get a training for the small-sword. As far as the "favored target" of the foil is concerned, it is called the torso!

Then it was in the year 199 or some where around that when the officials of Olympics two new fencing events in this game of fencing. These events were based on two different swords: the epee and the saber. The epee weapon holds a lot of resemblance with the foil. But as far as the difference between the two is concerned, have a look at the following points.
  • greater weight
  • larger bell guard
  • stiffer blade
  • blade with three sides
Also, in the case of epee competitions the entire region of the body serves as a legitimate target area, contrary to the former one! Coming to saber, it is a weapon that has a decent amount of weight and used for the purpose of cutting and thrusting. The target areas in this case are all areas above the waist, except for the back of the opponent's hands and the back of the head). So it is somewhat a complicated thing compared to the former ones that I have mentioned earlier.

Now let us have some kind of knowledge about the foil competitions. In this case, the "right-of-way" method determines who earns touches. But just one rule is enough to distinguish it from other competitions such as foil and epee. It is the rule that one can use the edge of the blade (rather than merely its point) to earn valid touches. So I hope now you will be able to distinguish these complicated forms of Fencing! In addition to the swords themselves, fencing gear is geared up with diverse protective clothing, such as:
  • chest protector (females)
  • glove
  • jacket
  • mask
  • pants
  • shoes
  • socks (high)
  • under-arm protector