When we talk about this immensely nice sport called fencing, then let me tell you that saber fencing is the most like the sword battle of yore. Sabers are equipped with a lot of weight and these are the biggest of all fencing equipment. One more fact that is related with this sport is that saber is truly a sword with a honed edge along the sides, but at the same time it is entirely different from any other epee and fencing foil.

Sabre fencing is geared up with a totally unique strategy and that is why it is somewhat different! The set rules that are implemented in this game make this sport more challenging and yet more complicated at the same time. That is why it is said that one must know all the basic factors of this game before participating in it!

Side touches are allowed in this sport and the whole body above the waist is fair game. But this is just a general thing to know for all the players. This is not applicable for the back of the head, the hands and the wrists. There is always a very big chance to get loads of big points. With the passage of rounds, this game gets even more complicated and is equipped with complicated strategies all because of the fact that double touching is not permitted at all.

Fencing comes from the real use of swords as weapons that are actually used in the world of wars and that is why it is a risky sport. It is always advised to be a little professional and know the rules of it before going for it! Above all all the swords that are used in the game are geared up with functional points and edges, so that they could both pierce and slash at the same time. So one has to be a little careful while dealing with all these things. It is game for both the genders. That is why it has often been seen that women often compete with men because size alone is not much of an advantage, but the strength of the arms can prove to be of great asset especially for men.

Fencing equipment is more or less the same as far as both the genders are concerned. Men and women compete with the same weapons, and they make use of almost same strategies and equipments but women are given a choice to wear an optional chest protector.