If you are an athlete, then you must be aware of the extreme amount of pressure that one has to go through in this field. Right? And that is why it is said that the immense amount of pressure that a particular sport can exercise over a person can become overwhelming and take him or her to do something out of the ordinary so that the person can deal with this immensely high competitive world!

Let me tell you that in order to deal with stress and be at the top of the world,there is nothing wrong in training more hours a day and more days a week to become stronger, faster, and better, but to take the wrong path is not the right step to do! You must always make sure that you never push yourself too much and pass out. And if a person is not capable of dealing with the stress in correct manner, that's where we find him taking all kinds of wrong steps. But the reality is that drugs and athletes should not mix.

You will find it a common exercise when you will see that the player is transforming into a machine capable of doing things weren’t possible before. You may feel immensely happy that the player is getting back to his form and is performing greatly in the game. But the reality is that by just taking the drugs they’ll be superman, but the drugs are responsible for making them practice for more and more hours and it will look as if they are practicing has finally paid off. But the horrible truth is that they won’t only get better, they will get bitter as well.

Once they will stop the use of drugs, no one can save their fall! They would never be able to recover and drugs make them immense;y weak with the passage of time. A point will definitely come in their life when the drugs won’t have as much effect as they did in the beginning. That's when we will start seeing his fall! Then there are chances that the player can become extremely angry and bitter because of this and, even worse, can start taking stronger and worse drugs. He might be arrayed with all kinds of side effects from the use of drugs. So when the player passes from these two extreme stages, then do check out whether he is suffering from any kind of effects from drugs or not!