Hiking is an exciting and adventurous outdoor activity that involves walking in dense forests and thick bushes. When you are hiking through a dense vegetation, you might come across some pests and insects. One such pest is the tick. These are blood sucking parasites found in wooded or forested areas, all across the world. Apart from being blood sucking pests, these can even transmit serious and fatal diseases like Rock Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. Most people don't even notice that they are being bitten by tick, and the longer this insect is attached to your skin, the risk for you getting a disease increases.

Here are some tips to avoid ticks when hiking:
  • Always wear a hat, long pant and a long sleeved shirt that is tucked into your pants. This will protect you from ticks. Avoid wearing fur clothes, as they are perfect hiding place for ticks.
  • Ticks are easy to spot on light colored clothes.
  • Apply an insect repellent that has DEET, and also apply it on your clothes. Do not spray DEET on hands or face. The repellent is effective against ticks and other insect bites for five hours.
  • A topical insecticide called Peremethrin should be applied into clothing, hiking boots, camp chairs and tents. The best thing about this insecticide is that it remains effective after several washes also.
  • Do a daily tick check. When you turn it, it is better to carefully inspect the entire body. One should take extra care to check underarms and scalp, as ticks love to hide in these places.
  • Always put clothes into a dryer and tumble them on high heat. Most of the ticks die in the hot air dryer.
  • While on a hike, always walk on designated trails and avoid going to dense vegetation or places with tall grass & bushes. These are the areas where ticks are generally present.
  • Even after taking all the precautions, you are still bitten by a tick, remove the tick with tweezers as quickly as possible. Make sure that the entire parasite is removed. If you are unsure of the insect is removed completely, take medical help.