Sports is the best outlet for all the energy, so exercise is important for teenagers. If a teenager is exercising, it does not mean that he/she is attracted to that sport. It might be possible that he wants to become more popular and attractive. Therefore, parents should not ask question to kid, as why he is playing a particular sport. Instead of worrying about the exact reasons, they should focus more on other benefits of sports.

Social Benefits

There are many social benefits of sports. Most of the teenagers spend average time alone, by watching TV, net surfing or playing computer games. This is a kind of virtual contact, but it's not as beneficial as face-to-face, social interaction. If a child gets into sports, he will get better opportunities to meet others, and this will develop his social & interpersonal skills.

Health Benefits

Most of us sit round more than we used to earlier, which affects our physical movement. Health specialists are telling that such activity leads to obesity, and is affecting teenagers as well as younger children. Movement is good for your kid, and sports is the ideal way to “work out”. Taking part in sports is really good for health.

Family Benefits

When parents are finding it difficult to interact with their teenage child, sports plays an important role in bringing the two together. Spend time watching your child perform, and they will appreciate your interest. It gives them a signal that you love them and want to help them.

There are other ways in which parents can get involved with their kids by:
  • Providing them right equipment and kit.
  • Making their travel arrangements.
  • Fund raising for the event.
  • Cheering them from sidelines.
If you teenager is not the competitive types, encourage him to get into other activities like swimming, climbing, water sports and archery.

Studies have shown that indulging in a sports activity prevents teenager from;
  • Smoking
  • Taking drugs
  • Promiscuity
  • Alcohol intake
  • Bunking classes in school or college