Have you ever thought why do we like to watch sport competitions? There are people who don't play any game, but you will often find them watching tennis, football or cricket on TV. Sports fans are all around the world, who just watch every game of their favorite team with excitement, and don't miss a single competition.

One of the main reasons behind people watching competition is that they try to identify themselves with the winners. When they see Rafael Nadal or Australian Team winning the championship, they feel like they themselves have done a brilliant job that gave victory to the team. Winners of the game get attention from media, they appear of TV, are interviewed. People love to watch the known faces and know their winning formula. A person who has never played football would not miss a single match of FIFA cup, because he will identify himself with the top players.

Another reason why people love to watch sports is the unpredictability factor involved in it. You can never tell how the game will end, and this is what forces you to site and wait for the crucial moment that will turn the flow of the game. The course of the game is never predictable. Although, you can make bets and do a guessing game, but nobody is certain about the winner, and this is what makes the entire event more interesting to watch on TV.

National identity is also related to interest generation in the game. Sports are considered to be one of the most important factors to raise the person's national identity. When Australians watch their cricket team, they identify themselves with the players and hence, take all the winnings or failures as if they were their own.

Although, there are several answers to the question “why do we like sports”, but nobody even think about them while watching tennis, basketball or soccer.