Sports doping is a common thing amongst competitive athletes. It is the practice where athletes sometimes knowingly or unknowingly take some type of performance enhancing drugs for improving his performance. But, a new term “technology doping: is gaining prominence in the sports field. The term describes the competitive advantage of using sports equipment.

Athletes use sports equipment. Having a customized equipment plays an important role in competing in an event. Will anyone say that Tiger Woods won different golf tournaments because he used Nike Clubs? No, because it's the athlete who gets glory and his sponsors also get benefit from this.

With the advancement of technology and science, equipment are also getting credit for winning an event or breaking world records. For example, the new speedo LZR Racer swimming body suits are getting good reviews from Olympic athletes. Many of the athletes have given a stamp of approval to the suit and one also said that wearing a suit was like “swimming downhill”.

Psychological aspect is another part of the competitive sports. Besides coach and trainer, it is the psychologist who plays a major role in team's entourage. He tells about the power of positive thinking and if an athlete thinks that a particular suit will win him competition, it will become a self fulfilling prophecy. The confidence of an athlete in that suit is what gives him strength to get through all the hurdles. If the athlete thinks that he is properly trained, has good equipment and is in proper mind frame, there is no reason that he will perform bad.

The sports ability, equipment and positive mental mindset makes a sports champion. No athlete can win if he has only one of the three elements. For example, having a high end equipment can not turn an average athlete into a superstar, if he lacks in basic game skills. Thus, “technology doping” can only be a mental boost to an athlete's need for being on the winners podium or not.