Sports is one of the most published and talked about issues in magazines, TV, newspapers and other forms of media. If you don't believe it, then check out the thousands of football news articles depicting the reaction of trainers in a particular event. Most of the TV channels have a separate issue for important soccer games.

All the channels are using new technologies to cover sports. You will find some channels presenting the particular strokes of a tennis star. During crucial matches, you can watch the game on internet in some particular sites dedicated to the game. So, what is the role of media in sports?

The answer would be that media is successfully exploiting the need of public for entertainment. We have always ran after entertainment. Take the example of the days of gladiators, where people wanted to see people dying in front of them for the exchange of money. With years, the form of entertainment has changes and become less cruel. So, sports news is the most favorers entertainment medium for many people.

Media does nothing other than adhering to the needs of public, by fulfilling their desire to see the actual thing happening online. It does not matter if a football match is occurring in Milano or a tennis match between Rafel Nadal and Federer is taking place in Moscow, media will bring the live coverage of the event to your living. So, there is no need for you to buy exclusive tickets for the game. Everything here is live and truly inexpensive.

Media understands our need to witness actual thing, and thus serves as a mediator between the sporting event and the viewers.