It does not matter if people call if soccer or football, everybody knowns what the FIFA World Cup is all about. The history of FIFA cup is traced back to 1904 in Paris, where the Federation Internationale de Football Association was founded on May 21.

The representatives from seven countries became members of the association, and these countries included Denmark, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Slowly years passed, and more & more countries joined FIFA. It was in the year 1913, that world power the United States became the member of this prestigious association.

The first World Cup Soccer Event was held in Uruguay in the year 1930. With time, some other countries like Korea, Mexico, England, Sweden, Brazil, Italy, France and Switzerland have become members of FIFA. In 2006, the World Cup Soccer was organized in Germany. Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Leipzig and Stuttgart are some cities where the matches were played. Most of the stadiums in these cities are large enough to accommodate more then 600,000 spectators.

Maximum fans of World Cup Soccer do not reside within the U.S, but many Americans love to cover this world wide known event in their nightly news or morning newspapers. The event is so popular, that it has own website, magazine as well as commands massive media coverage: both print and electronic.

32 different teams, representing six different continents took part in the 2006 World Cup. All the teams are referred to as “squads” and have 23 players. Therefore, the total number of players competing in the FIFA cup is 736.

According to calculated estimates, approximately 8 million fans attended the event. All the host cities of the FIFA cup organize different fan fests so that visitors enjoy their stay in between the matches. Spa gateways, live converts, cookouts, beach club extravaganzas and fan game days are some of the common events held in these fests.