You need to have the right equipment, if you want to be a log roller. Everything from logs, spikes, shoes or any other equipment will help you out in the Lumberjack Water Sports.

Log Rolling Logs

Many people in the country claim to sell the log rolling logs, but they are often overpriced or far away from buyer's location. What to do at this point? The best way is to find a company that can turn logs on a lathe. All the log rolling logs are of western white cedar or western red. Do not use use pine logs as they will absorb water in less then 2 days of rolling and thus become too heavy to even move.

Check around for log home builders. Some of the have their own lathes, and thus get convinced to turn a log for some fee. It is hard to find Cedar, so it better to ask a local log home builder, who might have sources to get you the log.


These are custom made shoes, built specifically for log rolling. There are few people who have started to make log rolling spikes.


Because of high wear on logs, most rollers don't prefer to wear spikes during the practice session. deck/dock shoes are the most common shoes that are used in practice. These are mostly slip on shoes with soft rubber bottom and are available at low prices. Always remember that the softer the shoe, the better it is, as hard rubber bottom does not grip well.

Misc. Equipment

Equipment like spike wrenches are used to tighten and screw in the log rolling spikes. These are available at almost all the stores. One can purchase these simple golf spike wrench for around 4-5 dollars.