Underdog kickball is a game that brings fresh new twist to the adult recreational sports. This is one game that closes the age and gender gap a little bit. The great playground pastime is now back for adults of 21 to older people of 61, who play in same division.

The Underdog kickball encourages rivalries and cheering, but if you are looking for a competitive sport, then leagues at underdog kickball may not be for you. The whole idea behind kickball is to have fun at the very first point and winning at second stage. The best part of kickball for grown ups is that they get a chance to go to a local sponsor bar after the game to hang out and socialize.

Underdog kickball is the largest groups amongst kickball leagues of west of the great plains. It was originally founded in 2003 under the name of Pacific Northwest Kickball, and is now a part of Underdog Sports League Network.

In the year 2007, the Underdog made few rules adjustments for keeping kickball goofy and more enjoyable, no matter at what level of competition spirit a team is playing.

Divisions at Underdog Kickball

Rookie Leagues

Rookie Leagues are meant for teams who are new to Underdog Kickball and want a primer before they start playing with more experienced teams. The main goal of pitching here is to kick the ball – and not to strike people out or making them look bad.

Midcore Division

It is the place for teams with a bit knowledge of Kickball. The main fun of the game is the goal. In this game the goal of pitching is again to get the ball kicked.

Hardcore Division

It is for teams those are good at Kickball and take it pretty seriously. The goals of the game in this division include winning, scoring and keeping opposite team off the base paths.