All the boys and girls, men and women, who are blind or visually impaired can play the game of Goalball in the USA. When we talk about local community games between different teams within a state or mixed leagues, the goalball is even played there. They have separate teams of girls and boys, and men & women.

There are some longer running and standardized programs around country where enough players are already prepared to have separate teams of girls and boys, or men and women for playing the game of Goalball. Although, all states are not like this. In a state like Ohio, which is new to Goalball, the game will be played as a mixed game amongst it residents.

But everyone won't prefer to go with this. There are some who just want to enjoy the sport of Goalball as a leisurely activity. But, if you try a little hard, you can “go for the gold”. So, practice and play enough that you get spotted in tournaments and get picked for the U.S Goalball team to represent your country at an International Goalball Competition.

The team are split into categories like men, women, youth and adults, when the game is played in regional or national events in the USA. But, the only criteria for getting selected in a Goalball team is that you should be blind or visually impaired.

There are newer programs starting out where sighted people, who are interested in playing can also get a chance to play to game of Goalball in the localized games. If you are parent or sibling of a blind child, or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer to help out a program in your area, then you might get some time to play the game, if you are really keen in learning it.