Base jumping is an extreme sport, which is loved by many. Base is a kind of short form for building, antenna, earth and span, where building is linked to man made structures, antenna means uninhabited constructions like oil well and antenna masts, earth refers to natural structures like cliffs and spans resembles to structures that have long distance like bridges. Base jumping is a sport where jumpers jump from any of these discussed spots along with a parachute.

The sport has been around since a long time. The earliest jump is said to be made in 1912 by jumping off the Statue of Liberty. It was Frederick Law who made the first base jump. At that time, Base jumping was considered to be more of a stunt aspect than a competition. But it was in late 1970s, when the jump was given the name of BASE jumping by Carl Boenish, who died while making a jump attempt in 1984.

When we consider the fact that parachute used in jumping can malfunction, it makes the sport extremely dangerous. Any minor human error or delay in opening the parachute can cause serious injuries or an instant death of the person. Still there are many base jumping enthusiasts, who make sure that everything is thoroughly checked before jumping and follow the basic rules.

You should always check the parachute before attempting a BASE jump. As the jumps are executed from low altitudes, the parachute used here is designed to open quickly during the jumping. Because the falling speed is low, designers ensure that parachute is capable to open and deploy at low speed. You should only buy special base jumping parachute available in the market.

The person attempting the sport must be conversant with how to use a parachute. He should know how to deploy it, the best time to deploy and how to land safely. This will require lot of practice and there are many base jumping experts, who suggest you to try skydiving to learn the art of handling parachute.

If you have the nerves, nothing can be more exciting than Base jumping. But make sure that you are through with all the nitty-gritties of the sport before making an attempt.