One of the main treats that most young athletes face is burnout. With increasing competition, more young athletes are compelled to train extensively, which leads to physical and mental burnout become more imminent. Such situation gradually leads to long-term consequences among young athletes.

Another factor that leads to burnout is the advancement of modern technology, which drive youngsters to become inactive, often in the form of sitting in front of a TV or computer for long hours. Unfortunately, once an athlete falls a victim of burnout he/she quits sports, and rarely return. This startling revelation of youth sports can also be attributed towards the actions of parents and coaches.

Parents who register their kids in too many sports end up creating a trap that will finally catch up with them. Often, these children are bound by time constraints to accommodate their hectic schedules. Therefore, it is the parents responsibility to find a balance for their children and their time. Moreover, even youth coaches are equally responsible for burnout in young sports as they make their practices to become drudgery.

Some of the ways to overcome burnout is by conducting short, stimulating, and fun practices, which can turn practices into a positive experience for young players. Burnout can also introduce problems with the child's growth platelets. This kind of damage turn into long term health issues.

At times, parents become blinded by their personal motivation so it becomes too difficult for them to overlook this outcome. May be the hope to get a college scholarship is the main motivational drive down this dangerous path.

Sadly, there is no correct formula to solve this problem. As, every kid is different and some are more physically resilient than others. Therefore, parents need to prioritize their children's physical and mental well-being over their own emotional and monetary incentives. Hence, make sure to have a lifestyle that emphasizes a balance between practice session, studies, and free time. It is one of the best things for all kids in the long run.