If you've just started playing air hockey then there are few rules that you need to be aware of. Here are the basic rules of Air Hockey:
  1. Mallet – It is one of the overlooked rules by air hockey players. They simply forget to use mallet to stop the puck. To be more specific, it is to lift the mallet and place it on top of the puck. This step is called as "topping." It can't be performed at any time whether before a serve or after a serve during play. More likely your opponent will not know this rule and “top” the puck, which will be considered as foul and you'll receive the puck.
  2. Crossing the center – It is another rule that many forget while trying to strike the puck. In this attempt they reach too far and cross the center line with their mallet. Hence, this attempt will be treated as foul and the puck is given to the other player. The next time you try to puck slow down in the center of the table. You may only cross the center only if the puck is in contact with the center line.
  3. Shoot – A player has exactly seven seconds to execute the shot if the puck crosses the center line. If the player fails to hit then it will be considered as a foul and the puck will be given back to the opposing player.
  4. Aware – Just like any other game your main motive while playing air hockey is to win the game. Make sure you score 7 to win in the game of air hockey.
Just follow these basic rules while playing air hockey and chances are you will catch your opponent team breaking at least one of them!