Ask any sports fan and he'll tell you the significance of a signed memorabilia from a professional athletes. An autographed photo of one of these stars will be sure to delight any fan. You can get them in a number of ways, all you need to keep in mind is the right manner to get them. Luckily, there are certain secret tricks which, with a little luck and patience, can help you start collecting autographs from your favorite athletes.
  • Be respectful and polite when you ask for an autograph from a famous athlete. It is one of the most important tips that everyone should know and follow. Generally, athletes avoid fans who are screaming at them to get their attention.
  • It is important that when you ask for an autograph you should know their name or else it's considered incredibly rude. If you don't know a particular athlete don't blatantly ignore them as it is equivalent to disrespectful.
  • Before you ask for an autograph make sure you've all the necessary things (pen, autograph book, etc) along with you. Check these things before hand to avoid any embarrassment.
  • To be on the right spot to get the autograph easily. Instead of running after the athlete to get an autograph position yourself at the dugout, so that you can watch the players in action and easily be able to get their autograph.
  • Always carry few things along with you if you intend to get an autograph from your favorite sports athlete. Not only, will it help you to move around easily but also let you to place yourself faster.
So, the next time you wish to get an autograph from a professional athlete make sure to keep these points in mind. These steps will surely help you get the autograph of your favorite star.