Being an athlete is definitely not an easy task. While aspiring to become a good athlete you are going to be encouraged, discouraged, pushed, complimented, and pushed to your physical and mental limits. Often, players participate in a sports events for wrong reasons, which leads to poor performance and complacent attitude. Hence, when the going gets tough, they quit from the sport.

Therefore, it is important to understand that to become an athlete involves hard work, dedication, commitment, and more. It is not just about wearing your school colors and being a member of the sports team. To become a successful athlete you'll have to invest long hours and hard work. So, if you want to become a good athlete you need to posses the following attributes:

Self respect and Mental Strength – It is one of the most important characteristics for an athlete. For many people athlete are deemed as role models. At times, to build a reputation it takes them a lifetime.

Passion – Every athlete must have the passion towards the sport they play. This attribute help them to put in more effort and hard work. The passion towards the game also help athlete strive for the best.

Self-sacrifice – Before competing for a game, the players need to undergo rigid training. During this period they have to give up most of their personal activities and make certain sacrifices to comply to training schedules. All their time and energy are focused towards their training rather than socializing. If you want to make a career in sports then you need to have a strong self stamina.

Identify your weaknesses – One of the best ways to give your best is to overcome all your drawbacks. An athletes who learns from his mistakes can only succeed in the sport.

Hardship – Always remember that the way to success is not easy, you need to undergo lot of hardships and difficulties. Athletes who are ready to work hard can gain success in their respective game.

Practice – Practice is an integral part of every game. An inspiring athlete can develop his skills only by regularly practicing the game.

Learn – Another important factor for an athlete is the willingness to learn. You cannot get a ambition unless you aren't a good follower. Make sure to absorb all the things that are taught by your coach and apply them.

For some people athletes act as role models. Hence, it's important that your conduct, performance and attitude should reveal a positive image. It takes a lot of determination to resist the worldly temptations.