Children can be aggressive, nervous or passive. Therefore, you must pick a sport that best suit his/her personality. Ask any expert about the sport activity and they will explain to you the importance of sports in the development of the physical and psychological aspects of the child. Following are some of the suggestions of sports which you can choose for your child according to his temperament.

Nervous kid

If you have a nervous kid then pick a sport where he can learn to control himself, such as tennis, table tennis, badminton or volley ball.

Passive kid

If your kid isn't interested to know about team sports then choose a sports activity where he will be able to measure his skills, like archery, climbing or cycling. Just give your kid a cycling chart of your region and leave for the adventure. Try and reward your kid for every goal achieved.

Aggressive kid

If you think your child is a bit aggressive, then direct his energies toward sports that involve endurance like athletics, or combat sports such as judo and karate. These sports activity will help him learn how to respect his adversary and, consequently, his entourage.

Shy kid

It has been seen that kids that are shy profit largely from the practice of a team sport. Sports offer them an opportunity to interact and socialize with other children. For instance, soccer can be perfect for him.

Curious kid

Summer camps are considered to be ideal for curious child. It allows them all kinds of discoveries. It also allow them to learn things like canoe, climbing, night excursions in forest, etc.

Always respect your child and do not impose an sports activity which he does not want to indulge in. in addition, check the safety activity yourself before you let your kid try it.