If you're about to play paintball for the very first time then it can be quite a nerve racking experience for you. However, if you're mentally prepared and know a few things about the game then you don't have to worry about anything. Following are some of the basic tips to get you started in the game of paintball.
  • Suitable Clothing – Just like any other game make sure you wear suitable clothing when you play. Novice players should not feel ashamed to wear an extra layer of clothing but don't wear too many as this can lead to heat exhaustion. Make sure to drink water regularly to prevent dehydration.
  • Hide – If you've just started to play the game then make sure to find something to hide behind. It will reduce your chances of getting hit and eliminated from the game. Therefore, it is best to find to something to cover yourself and to pop up, fire a few shots, then pop back down. Avoid popping in the same place because the less opponent sees you, the better.
  • Sporting spirit – You should also play the game with a good sporting spirit. Hence, if you get hit raise your hand and walk off the field. Instead, of wiping off the pain and keep playing as no one likes a cheater.
  • Mask – Beginners must always wear a mask to protect your eyes while playing. Remember, getting hit on the face can be a very painful experience.
These basic steps will help you for your first time paintballing.