Land, air and water sports are extremely popular in the UK and enjoyed by a large number of organisations, private clubs and local groups as well as larger facilitators. These groups can help you in the pursuit of outdoor activities, with tailor-made trips to suit your needs.

Travel companies specialising in holidays based around outdoor and adventure sports are commonly found, making it easy for complete novices to try their hand at something new or for those already initiated to appreciate an entire vacation dedicated to their favourite pastime.

Among the activities you could expect to find available on a typical organized adventure holiday are mountaineering, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, abseiling, mountain biking and fell walking. Adventure holiday companies provide both equipment and the necessary knowledge and experience to make sure trips run smoothly and without incident.

Alongside those activities that are considered staples of the outdoor activity scene in the UK are some new additions. These new sports tend to attract a younger crowd and are often organised for social functions such as stag and hen parties as well as company get-togethers. Paint-balling is one of the most popular in this category with pursuits such as go-karting and bungee jumping also ranking highly.

Danger is an inherent aspect of many outdoor sports and activities. Insurance for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts While some people pursue adventure sports for this very reason, other participants do their best to minimise their exposure to any risks. Independent precautions should be taken, as well as precautions by the outdoor sport company you are confronting.

Despite some of the tightest safety standards in the world, certain aspects of outdoor sports can cause accidents. Whether pursuing an outdoor sport independently or under the expertise of a certified company, it’s a sensible course of action to arrange comprehensive insurance cover prior to beginning any sporting activity.

A good travel insurance policy will reimburse you for any expenses incurred for medical treatment as well as for the replacement of any lost or damaged pieces of equipment.