Zipfy is a freestyle mini luge which is know to be inspired by the Olympic sport of luge. It is an easy to use with amazing looks. The sport would remind you of an oversized joystick especially with its steering. To play this sport all you need to do is sit on the racing sled, take the steering stick and down the hill you go.

Zipfy basically made from rugged, high-density, molded polyethylene plastic, which makes it pretty durable. Player need not worry about its transportation as well because it compact in size. You can either carry it in for smaller distances or toss it behind your car's trunk. With weight of around 3.5 pounds, it is super lightweight.

Zipfy is very easy to steer especially with its joystick handle. Players can easily take turns and make other maneuvers with little practice. It is extremely stable because of its low center of gravity. Some of the other features of Zipfy are simple design, safety feature and can handle any type of terrain.

There it is a must have for the season. So try this easy, safe and most exhilarating downhill sport. This uniquely designed rugged plastic snow sled will definitely warm you up this winter season.