In the 8th century, the Vikings first bombed down a hill on their heavy wooden sleds screaming the viking curses. It was during 1883 when the first recorded formal competition called “Luge” was organized in America. The game has undergone major improvement, with high tech runners and aerodynamically slick suits allowing competitors to play at a speed of almost 75 miles per hour.

If you want to know more about this Olympic event, here are the steps you can follow:
  • You can read about the sports of luge and bobsledding in various books written specifically for the game. These books not only tell about the history of the game, but also discuss the recent technical developments made in it.
  • You can also get information by visiting any site devoted to luge history. These sites don't only have details about Olympic style luge, but also tell about history of luge and bobsledding.
  • You can also develop an understanding about the two original forms of luge, Kuntsbahn and Naturbahn.
  • Find out a website which discusses about the physics of the game. This will help you in understanding how the whole sport has undergone major advancements in the past two decades.
  • Refer to a site that has details about luge competition help in past Olympic games.
  • You can also get information from a website, which focuses on recent luge competition.
  • One can get more information about the game by reading about the legends of the sports of luge and their personal histories.
If you want to know more about the basic rules and regulations of the game, or are interested in knowing the techniques involved in playing it. There are many websites dedicated to offer every minute information about the game. By going through all the information, you will not only gain more knowledge, but also generate more interest in the game.