So you want to go on a fast weight loss diet?

I know that you must have found that a rapid weight loss program is very restrictive and that is the sole fact as to why normally I don't recommend a fast weight loss diet to most people as they just too radical. But I would recommend that in order to avoid such circumstances, one must set a realistic time frame say 2 weeks to lose 10 pounds or may be a longer duration of time span, may be several months by making some simple life style changes. Ya, and trust me, they are not that difficult at all.

While a lot of you must be very eager to loose weight in a quick span of time but let me tell you that it is usually a very bad way of losing weight and keeping it off. Rapid weight loss by implementing those diet that promise fast weight loss is probably the biggest reason for Yo-Yo dieting.

So if you are very eager to lose weigh in a fast manner, then the fact is that it's likely that you're going to have to make a restrictive and drastic diet change and normally this kind of diet is hard to strategies and even harder to maintain. So what does that mean, it means that there's a good chance you will simply put the weight back very early as soon as you come back to your regular diet or when you (inevitably) lapse from it. So personally I would not recommend it.

I would recommend that you should go for exercise and in the best way possible! The easiest way of adding exercise in your daily routine is to try and combine it naturally along with those exercises that you do regularly! For example, if your office is located at a walking distance, but you have a habit of taking an auto, so change that habit and go for a long walk. Make sure that you get off early from the bed so that you don't get late! Look at other minor changes like walking up stairs instead of using the elevator or taking a stroll round the park after your lunch hours or dinner!

If you are a passion for sports then why don't you try some sport or other activity or even just go walking for half an hour? Trying going to gym, but get indulge in heavy workouts in the beginning itself. Choose light weights in the beginning. Go for mild things like cycling or treadmill.