Have you even thought of trying your hands on the outcome of a sports event? Sports serve as a great medium for people of different age groups. It does not matter which is our favorite game, as the even creates an excitement level and anxiety that is just difficult to express.

The increasing interest of people in different sports has increased the demand of sports betting all over the world. Sports betting is an activity where one can predict the result of the game by betting on it. There are many sports fans who believe that sports betting increases the level of excitement of the game, and hence benefit leagues, teams and players. Many people do sports betting for making money, but there are few who just do it to add more excitement, fun and anxiety into the game.

Sports betting is done on various sports competitions including cricket, soccer, hockey, golf, basketball, horse racing and boxing. There are different types of sports betting. Let's look at some of these types.

Proposition Bets

This is an interesting sports betting where wagers are made only on some specific outcomes of the match. For example, the betting is done on the number of goals each team will score or which basketball player of the team will have more hits than another player of the opponent team.


This form of betting enables sports fans to make multiple bets on a sport activity. All the successful bettors get large payouts as reward in this form of betting.

Run line, puck line or goal line bets

These are a kind of fixed point spread bets where higher payouts are being offered for favorite and a lower one of the player.

Future Wagers

Such wagers are predicted for future activities in any game. For example, betting is done if a certain NFL team will win the super bowl for the coming session.