Lacrosse is considered to be one of the long settled executive summer sports in Canada. Slowly, the sport is gaining popularity in the United States. It has already been accepted at many east coast schools, and gradually spreading across the homeland. In almost 20 countries around the world, Lacrosse has been played.

The sport is known to be originated by the Native Americans of North America, which makes it continent's oldest known group sport. In the 1600, the French missionaries in Canada recorded sport played by natives and renamed it as baggataway.

Today, it is played by boys and girls at ages as young as 3rd grade. Reports indicate that over 5,500 women have played lacrosse at over 240 American universities and colleges. Moreover, an estimated 125,000 children in the United States have played this sport in over 4,500 programs across the country.

The sport is considered to be a bit complicated especially for those who are not sure of its policy, and the system differ for men's and women's leagues. Although, the game have certain resemblance to soccer, ice hockey, tackle hockey and American football. Perhaps, all these sports have been originated from the early native match of baggataway.

In this sport the players are required to use exclusive brushwood to hold and hit a rubber sphere about the mass of a baseball. This special brushwood has a move attached to its strung with nylon cording to form a sack to clutch the globe. Players use a procedure called cradling to keep the ball in command.
In simple words, lacrosse is a fast paced sport that require good hand-eye coordination as well as great energy. Similar to other team sports even it requires cooperation and teamwork. With more and more colleges and high schools making lacrosse as part of their programs, it will be easier to see the growth of this swiftly emergent sport.