Box Lacrosse, which also called as boxla or boxcrosse is an indoor version of the game “outdoor field lacrosse. But, the major difference between both games is like night and day.

The Box Lacrosse game that started in 1930s as an alternative to hockey rinks in off season is mostly played in Canada during summers. This me kept players fit during the months of summer. The game is much popular than the field lacrosse game, from where it was derived.

Both the games have different rules, and of course they are played on different surfaces. The Box Lacrosse is played indoors, in the hockey arena or in an indoor soccer field. The goal of Box Lacrosse is smaller than the one in field Lacrosse, and it is a rule that the attacking team must get a goal within 30 seconds of gaining the possession of the ball. The box lacrosse is rougher than in field lacrosse game. All the rules made in the box lax game encourage passing and running, which further improves the overall skills and athletic ability of the player.

One should not get confused with Box lacrosse and indoor lacrosse, which is a newer version of the game. The indoor lacrosse is said to be less violent than the indoor version, box lacrosse. Indoor lacrosse is specially played in those regions, where box lacrosse is not played. The game is the combination of most exciting elements of a box and field lacrosse games. Although, the box lacrosse is a summer and indoor lacrosse is a winter game.

The professional indoor lacrosse game is the combination of physical play of hockey with high score, fast speed and has the play making style of basketball. The indoor Lacrosse involves six men per side, and is a rough and fast outdoor game. The scoring opportunities are more, more big hits are involved, which makes indoor lacrosse an intense experience for players and viewers

Both the games use different types of equipment for playing. Only sticks with hollow shafts are used in indoor lacrosse, while solid wooden sticks can be used in box lacrosse. Along with this, there are four quarters of fifteen minutes in the indoor lacrosse, and the box Lacrosse game has three period of twenty minutes each.