Sailboats come in a variety of shapes, designs and classes.

Sailboats can be divided into 5 categories - Cruisers, Cruise-Race, Center Cockpits, Pilothouses and Racers.

To decide which one you should buy, it is advisable to go view the crafts in action or head for a local boat show. Boat shows allow visitors to board the boats and examine each one closely. Besides, you will find a knowledgeable dealer to answer questions and help you figure out which boat will be best suited to your needs.

At the various boat exhibitions, you can conveniently look at and get a feel of the boat, before you buy it. It's a great advantage to actually step on board a sailboat to get a feel of the cockpit, cabin, and other features that might have a influence on that buying decision.

The chosen sailboat will depend on the captains abilities. For new sailors, it is advisable to go in for cruisers that measure in at 21' to 27'. Why? They offer ease in handling and are great value for money. As you learn the ropes of sailing, you can of course upgrade to a larger sailboat that offers more in the way of comfort, size and performance, such as the larger Center Cockpits.

Then there are the Racers meant for those serious about racing machines. These offer limited comforts and less weight to maximize racing speed and performance. Cruise-Race models in comparison, offer both the comforts of cruising, and the ability to race well.

With prices of sails being down currently, it is the ideal time to search for a sailboat, whether you are a novice sailor or a seasoned sailor looking to up-grade.

come in a multitude of different shapes, designs and classes to satisfy all needs and personalities.