Many sportsmen make the mistake of not customizing the training program according to the specific sport they play. Regardless of how strenuous or intense your plyometric routines are, you must ensure that it is suitable for the sport you are training for. Proper selection of exercises is essential if you are looking to boost your performance. Here are some drills that you can include in your training program.

Bunny Hops

For this drill, start with both feet shoulder-width apart. Assume a squat position and swing both arms backwards. As your arms rotate forward, leap ahead as far as you can. Upon landing, quickly repeat the whole routine. As soon as you've reached one side of the gym and back to your starting point, rest for about a minute and then repeat the entire routine.

Exercising both legs is necessary, especially if your major function is to block an incoming ball. Nevertheless, the ability to jump higher never hurts regardless of what position you take.


This drill intends to work on each leg separately. For the starting position, bound frontward using only one leg and then land on the opposite one. Instantaneously upon landing, leap as far ahead as you can off the opposite leg. The drill simulates the motion of skipping.

Keep in mind that these drills are effective only if you put in all the effort you can.