Let me give you a few defense tips to help you in your game. Hope you will like them.
  1. The first tip would be that you should learn all about ball and man line. It is nothing but as you all must be knowing an imaginary line between the player you are defending and the man with the ball. It becomes extremely important that you should learn to position yourself on the basket side of the ball man line and form a defensive triangle.
  2. Learn and master the art of “cover down defense” in the best possible way. You must position yourself to the level of the ball so that you can you gear yourself with the ability to stop the ball before it reaches the lane.
  3. You can also make use of the double down strategy when a low post player gets the ball. At the same time you must learn as to how to double team the post player.
  4. Learn how to jump to the ball and be quick to make adjustments to your stance and position. Be in your position and jump as it will surely assist you to avoid front cutters and screens. As a result, you will become one of those strong players in your team.
  5. Make a strong plan and strategy of strong side closure when your team member passes the ball and cuts to the basket. The next step to learn is that you should ump to the ball side and slide along the lane. I would like to tell you one very important thing that defense is what makes sure that your team gets a lot of control of the ball. That is why it is recommended that you should include in the basketball training aspects of team defense moves, post defense moves, on the ball defense moves, and off the ball defense moves.
A great basketball defense player is one who is geared up with the following features:
  1. Moves quickly.
  2. Has strength and stamina.
  3. Trains throughout the year.
  4. Has an in depth understanding of the game.
  5. Is a communicator and team leader.
  6. Studies the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent team before every game.
  7. Is able to think on his feet and change strategy even mid-game should the need arise.
  8. Is a listener and picks up clues as well as moves from others.
  9. Plays strong-side and weak –side defense well