Parents are always happy when their child decides to participate in a particular sport. But, when he expresses an interest in amateur boxing, parents become too concerned about the safety of the child and this becomes a roadblock.

As far as safety is concerned, amateur boxing is just like any other sport. If proper safety equipment are used, right instructions are given, careful supervision is done by a well trained instructor, the game will offer a good positive learning environment and the risk of injury can be significantly reduced. If all these things are kept in mind, amateur boxing would be as safe as other sports like gymnastics, football or hockey.

Becoming an involved, informed and prepared parent is the biggest factor that ensures that your child participates safely in the game of boxing. The game in itself is a great athletic endeavor. The rules and regulations & their executions are the determining factors of the safety of the game.

If safety measures are taken by parents and instructor, your child will be benefited more than the total risk involved in the game. Amateur boxing develops confidence and self-esteem within the child. It also makes him follow highest degree of self-discipline. If all these factors are carried forward into other aspects of kid's life, these will have great impact, not during his school years but also in the professional and personal life.

When a child is made to follow regular training schedule, especially if it is supervised so that kids can workout their frustrations and aggressions. He also learns about self-management and determination, the major characteristics that will serve him throughout life.

Amateur boxing can prove to be a terrific experience for your child. It will not only develop sportsmanship and athleticism, but also serve to increase self-worth.