If you have started playing bowling, and are making good score, then it is the time to try your skills as a player in an amateur bowling tournament. This not only gives you a confidence, but the winners also get good amount in prize. There are two types of amateur tournaments and many breaks are meant for handicapped participants.

The trend of amateur bowling tournaments started in the later months of 1977. It was introduced with the motive of uniting bowlers of different skill levels into one big tournament. When the organizers realized that all the players can not throw a 200 or higher game, the amateur tournament was started. The amateur players are not only found in North America, but all around the world. A senior amateur bowling tournament is also held for the people who are above 60 years of age, and still have a spark for the game.

The amateur bowling tournaments are not counted amongst largest tournaments, as it is only a bowling club that organizes events. The prize money is decided after seeing which branch of amateur bowler tournament is participating in it. The total number of players also contributes to the amount of prize money.

The office of amateur bowling tournament is located in California and has branches in other parts of the country, which allows more people to join the tournament. Master and Classic are two divisions in the amateur bowling tournament. It is the score of the player that determines his participating division. Most of the amateur bowlers fall into th classic division.

The master division is designed for amateur bowling tournaments with an average of 190 to 220. But this has been raided to 225. The classic division in the tournament is meant for bowlers with 189 or lower average, but it has also been raised to 199 or less.