Because of the general indistinctness of what they are attempting, the amateur golfers are often considered as more complex breed of athletes. While there will be many onlookers, who will not understand the notion of what it means to pursue the passion of the game during the amateur golf tour circuit, there are some who will take these as familiar situations for working in the world of golf to become a professional one day.

Amateur golf tours can prove to be a great way for developing the skills of golf. Before getting into its detail, one should first know that United States Golf Association, has given an actual definition of an amateur golf player. An amateur players reaches the status by knowing about golf skills. These skills determine the success of a player at competitive level, which can be local or national. When an amateur player gets success in these competitions, and gets a recognition of golf skills, this is called golf reputation. One can gain the reputation only by actually playing and recognizing golf skills. Just an association with the game in the form of an instructor or tournament administrator, does not provides a reputation or a skill to the player.

After getting reputation and developing skills, the amateur becomes an amateur player. He does not play for money or accept money for teaching golf, at this stage. An amateur player can not claim himself to be a pro golfer, or may not indulge in the action like a professional player does. Accepting endorsements from commercial organizations, entering into professional agreement are also a part of breaking the code of ethics.

An amateur player can not apply for the membership of any organization meant for professional players. But, there are some flexible rules made for amateurs. For example, an amateur player can apply for an assistant professional player. He can also enter in a tournament that will help him play in a professional competition.

There are more rules and exceptions for amateur golf players, but the one thing they should note is that becoming an amateur player is not a simple task. It is meant for those who love golf and are serious about devoting time for playing and learning it. Becoming an amateur golfer is not meant for those who want to excel in this field. As there are rules of payment and expenses in the game, which would make it impossible to start the career as an amateur golfer.