A lacrosse sports scholarship can make getting into a good college easier. While it takes a lot of work to get a scholarship, but it is possible to do if you stay organized and focused. You can participate in lacrosse recruiting tournaments and lacrosse recruiting camps in order to be seen by college recruiting scouts, as well as take other steps to make a great impression on them.

Once you have short listed colleges where you would like to play lacrosse, the next step is to find out what lacrosse college recruiting scouts require of their scholarship applicants. This information is available online at the college or university website.

You will find information about the college lacrosse department, as well as the names and contact information of the lacrosse recruiting coaches. It will also talk about what they require you to turn in for their consideration. You will need to send them your official high school transcript, along with your gpa and SAT scores. Your academics are as important as your ability to play, and the lacrosse recruiting scouts will be looking at your academic information in their evaluation process.

You will also want to put together a lacrosse recruiting video. This video should show you playing a full game, and can also include highlights from great moments in your lacrosse career. You should also make sure that the lacrosse college recruiting staff knows your name, team information and jersey number, as well as the position you play. This information is a good idea to include in any correspondence with a lacrosse recruiting staff member.

As you progress through high school you will also want to participate in lacrosse recruiting camps and lacrosse recruiting tournaments. These are helpful in your pursuit of a scholarship for several reasons. They give you a chance to be seen in person by lacrosse college recruiting scouts, and this will have more of an impact if you send them your video in advance of playing in lacrosse recruiting tournaments. If you make arrangements in advance, you may be able to meet coaches at the tournament. You will also want to attend tournaments and camps that are held at some of your top pick colleges. This gives you a chance to visit the campus, even sit in on classes, and see how you like it.

Remember Lacrosse college recruiting coaches are always on the lookout for excellent players. So by being prepared and putting yourself in tournaments where they will see you will boost your chances of being selected to play on a college team.