One of the game which has managed to grow in popularity till date is the Darts. The developing PDC tour, bigger venues and increased viewing all reveals that the sport is enjoying a golden age. Although, darts have become one of the most played games in the world, but what about its coaching?

While interviewing with many sportsmen you might have noticed their relationships with their coaches. Some of the sports that demand high profile coaches are snooker, tennis, golf and football. Just like any other sports, coaching is considered to be one of the most recognized ways to improve your game.

Unlike other games, performance in darts can be improved through trial and error as they bang away hour after hour. Although, I don't neglect the fact that coaching is important in playing darts but it's not something actively promoted. Even the Professional Darts Organization, doesn't mention anything about coaching on it's official site.

The game is being played by millions, where the difference between winning and losing is based on the slightest movement at a pivotal time. At higher levels, this difference is divided by the thickness of a wire. To hold yourself together under pressure, mental training is very crucial.

With the rising demands for coaching amongst players who want to improve their game all points out the importance of darts coaching. As darts is embraced as a thriving sport, darts coaching will become common phenomenon.