You might have played croquet as a kid in your backyard or parks, but have you ever thought on whether it is a sport or a recreational activity. Croquet was actually once played as a competitive sport in the Olympics. In the late 18th century, it suddenly became popular sharing fields or courses with tennis. Eventually, it was beaten by tennis as the more popular sport, and was dropped from the Olympic Games. Once again, croquet is making a comeback as a national and international competitive sport.

It was spread around the world during the British Empire, in the late eighteen hundred. Although, it was relatively a new game and somewhat competitive but it quickly gained popularity. Obvious to this fact, it was added as a sport in the Olympic Games. One of the reasons behind its removal from the Olympics was varying rules followed by countries. The activity was soon played by small clubs and groups of croquet followers.

By the end of 1960’s and 70’ croquet again started to grow in popularity. Eventually, some large croquet clubs located on the east coast of the US decided to compete with each other. With the establishment of official rules and croquet association, once again it was played as a competitive sport. Since then, it has grown in popularity from a few professionals to several thousand professional croquet players. Today, many local, national, and international croquet tournaments are being held.

Over the years, different rules have been developed for croquet. Besides, different types of croquet set are used for different styles of croquet as well. Mostly, the game is played as a backyard and recreational croquet sets comprising of nine wicket sets played between four to eight players.

To conclude, it is both a recreational and a competitive sport that has gained in popularity over the years. With continuous practice and experience you may become the Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods of croquet.