What do you think about croquet? Is it a sport or just a recreational activity that most people play in their backyard? For most Americans, croquet is a game played in their backyards or in parks. The name of the sport derives from the fact that it is traditionally played in the backyard. It mainly used for friend or family entertainment.

Another form of backyard croquet is the poison croquet, which mainly comprises of nine-wicket. It is mainly played as a group activities. Being, a family outdoor activity, you can also invite your friends over for some cheap outdoor entertainment.

Backyard croquet is an outdoor game that can be enjoyed many times over for an affordable price. Just like other outdoor games like ping pong, frizbee, Kubb, and more. It also falls under this category.

Try playing it on a lawn that hasn't been mowed, to make the game a little more interesting. However, you need to hit the ball harder to aim and set the correct distance for your shot. This makes even experienced players more difficult to win. To make the ball travel a further distance without hitting it hard, you need play the game on a nice cut lawn.

To conclude, it is both a recreational and a competitive sport that has gained in popularity over the years. With continuous practice and experience you may become the Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods of croquet.