While swimming does not comes under the category of our best strengths as we are upright walking mammals, but still a lot of people take a lot of swimming lessons, and even send their kids to learn swimming some as young as 6 months.

Yes, it has been seen that a lot of babies, who merely have an age of 6-8 years, or more than that, are floating around the water, with their parents watching as they giggle and bubble. The fact is that this is not the right age for kids to start swimming, but it has been recommended by a lot of experts that they should start as young as 3 years old for many physical and psychological reasons.

Psychologists have their own reasons and they say that a lot of fears that develop in adulthood actually gets developed in the beginning of a very small age only. The fact is that all these things are a result of unfamiliarity or even bad associations that was placed in the subconscious when a person is small, that is in his childhood days.

A lot of people say that the main cause of those adults who have a water phobia,  is they were not introduced to the water when they were young or they must have had a very bad experience with water in the past as well.
Because of this reason it is believed that kids at a tender age should get to the pool and if possible, they should be provided with swimming lessons and start getting a sensory experience with the water.

The fact is that parents should remain linked with their kids at every moment of time because the kids need support for all this. The fact is that swimming at small age is usually a happy event and that is what the association should be like.

Then fear of water that is also termed as a kind of unnatural fear should not be given any kind of chance of developing further. Not being able to swim when you are an adult can be termed as a phobia, but actually it is a disability! Both at mental as well as a physical level.