For most high school students, one of the important skills that they learn through sports is teamwork. They get an opportunity to learn how the efforts of every team member eventually becomes the success level of the team. They also understand the link between all the members of a team, who put in their best with a greater probability of winning.

The experience of working in a sports team will also help them in their future, when they become a member of a project team. In these situation, they will be able to help their team members to do better than the competition.

If your child isn't too keen in joining a sports team, and prefer working at their own level, then don't get disappointed there are plenty of sporting opportunities where individual effort is required. For instance, track and field events offer students to show their individual abilities and compete with other students in much the same way that the teams compete in inter-school games.

College sponsorship is another main attractions behind most students who join high school sports. If you're planning to get a financial support for your future studies then these sponsorship are best. Some of the best colleges are known to offer up to 100% scholarships for the best athletes.
Although, not every high school student enjoy sports, and for some of them they are an absolute misery. However, if your child's school has a compulsory sport's program then the best way is to encourage your child to become interested in some sporting activity.