Some people are total nerd for table tennis or ping pong, as they call it. They hold the paddle in a weird grip with the fingers spread at the back side of the bat and the thumb as well as pointer finger making a circle. The grip helps a lot in putting spin and makes you look like you know everything about the game.

When you are playing with someone for the first time, confidently stride up to the table and grasp the paddle in a cool manner. Think that the opposite player is pawing his ping pong paddle like a kid and you have awesome game skills. This will make you already win the mental battle. Your opponent might think “look at this man, he is trying to impress me with the cheesy paddle grip”. But as long as he don’t say anything loudly, you are too good to go.

Just imagine that you are hanging out at a party, listening to music and notice a ping pong table in the corner that makes you say “Who wants a piece”? The words once spoken can’t be taken back. And there is this guy, who considers that his manhood has been challenged and says “Let’s do this”. How would you feel? Everyone will be rolling their eyes hoping that “here comes the real party”.

What if this dude comes to the table tennis table to meet you and lock his eyes in a kind of pre serve stare down way? Without moving his eyes, he picks up the paddle in a cool manner and spreads his fingers on the back of it. You are not left with any other option than handling over the paddle to some other guy.

There are chances that you don’t even know how to keep score in the game. So, before challenging someone in the party or throwing an open challenge, make sure that you at least know the basic scoring rules. Or else you will be all embarrasses. Don’t consider table tennis a fun game. It is a game worth checking out.