For adventure seekers, skydiving is one of the most loved sports. Freestyle, formation and freeflying are some of its commonly known types. Although, you'll find many skydivers performing these styles on television or in media but, there are still some of the less popular types of skydiving that are not known to many.

Even if you're new to this activity, knowing these less popular types would still be important. Here are some of the less-known skydiving types.


It is considered to be one of the most extreme types even more radical rendition of skydiving. In this activity, the skydiver is supposed to dive with a board like a snowboard, but a bit smaller in size. This board would be attached to the diver’s feet.

What makes this activity so difficult is because the board attached to the diver's feet is extremely difficult to control. Actually, even to stand straight on this board requires certain skills and precise balance that you can only get from considerable experience in free flying.

Some of the stunts that you will be able to perform once you gain some experience are rapid rolls, tumbles, and spinning helicopter acrobatic stunts.

Wingsuit Flying

As the name suggest, it is all about flying in style. It is one of the most recent skydiving types. In this activity, the diver put on a specially designed suit that has webbings stitched in between the arms and legs. This suit results in an airfoil, which gives the skydiver a lift. Depending on his speed and trajectory, he is apportioned with an even more highly developed level of control.

Various records indicate that the slowest speed ever recorded in this skydiving type is 25mph. Generally, BASE jumpers are the ones who commonly use wingsuits. It is highly recommended to perform this activity only after acquiring sufficient skills and experience.

Accuracy Landing

It is considered to be one of the competitive sports in which a skydiver would earn points on the basis of his landing on a specific target point or area on the ground. Mostly, this activity is performed solely and the landing part is the one given utmost attention.