Sports medicine are the ones that come under the category of that field of medicine that is related with injuries that are experienced during athletic endeavors and illnesses, or in some cases, those injuries that have emerged out of various sporting performances or the events that are related with sports!

In order to take care of these injuries that are related with the sports field, the organization that is related with that particular sport appoints various physicians, coaches and other staff members that not only take care of the physical training of the players but at the same time have ample amount of knowledge with the medical field as well so that they can take care of the player in any situation what so ever!

What are the key aspects that are related with this field of medicine? Here, we will discuss some of them. The fact is that there are two main aspects that are involved in the actual practice of sports medicine. They are:

i) Treatment of illnesses, injuries and disorders. That means after the injury has been caused, the medicines help in curing the i jury in the best way possible.
ii) The second aspect deals with the prevention of injuries and illnesses. It is done by taking care of the player in advance itself. Also prevention is further promoted through careful planning and analysis of injury-causing factors.

If we will look at the scenario of the earlier years, then we will get to know that the sports medicine advice and guidance was just provided by the team physician, who used to work with or have worked with various college, professional and other elite caliber athletes only! But now there are professional physicians who are associated with this field! And also now the practice of sports medicine involves a comprehensive team of health care professionals that are trained in various aspects like:
  • Athletic training
  • Biomechanics
  • Exercise physiology
  • Physical therapy
  • Nursing
  • Sport psychology
  • Nutrition
It is not that only sports person form a consumer group for these kind of medical services. From from all over the world, who belong to different fields, whether they are from sports background, athletes or even non-athletes, every one is getting involved in these practices day by day!