The BodyTalk System is a healing program and it is used in almost every field these days. It is one of the most cutting-edge forms of energy healing that first came into existence in the year 1995, and since then it has managed to gain huge amount of popularity. The healing process is a combination of reiki, philosophies of advanced yoga, and other procedures like acupuncture, quantum physics, and applied kinesiology. So it is an all in one process for healing! Body Talk employs the body's sense of innate wisdom that plays a very important role in healing.

The fact is that each and everyone of us are all born with this wisdom, but because of the regular wear and tear in life, our body's lines of communication are often interrupted and that is why a process of healing plays a very important role in all this! We all know that life is full of stress and all kinds of tensions and the reality is that stress come from a variety of sources - physical exertion, emotional trauma, the chemicals in food and air, and artificial energy fields created by cell phones, electrical appliances like microwave ovens, computers, and no matter what!

And if we will look at some of the scientific facts then we will get to know that all the cells in our body connect through neurological pathways created by the transmitters in the brain. This process plays a very important role in providing means of communication from the brain to the body. And due to stress, the flow of these transmitters has been broken. And above all, some kind of negative energy in introduced in our body! And because of all this, the natural healing process of our busy is often distracted from its original purpose.

And BodyTalk healing process is a kind of process that begins immediately, it is especially useful in the treatment of sports injuries, where time is of the utmost importance. No sports man wants to sit out of the game for a longer duration of time! So this healing process plays a very important role!